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Car seat back seat folding dining table

Car seat back seat folding dining table

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Car restaurant,long-distance drive good assistant.
Multifunctional easy, no matter what little space but free and pleasant.
The car multifunctional tray is found that it is easy install and use.
It makes use of car little space artfully. Whatever things can put into its dustbin of this product such as snack, orangeade and fruit, etc.
It is great! Car surrounding will not be dirty.
The tray can be gathered when not be used.

1. Compact size tray to fit most seat adjustments. Folds up when not in use.
2. 2 drink holders
3. Napkin/tissue holder
4. Waste bag hooks for organization
5. Easy installation with simple straps and buckles

Package Include:
1 × Car Dining Table

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