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🌲 🎁Christmas 7-in-1 Roulette Dice

🌲 🎁Christmas 7-in-1 Roulette Dice

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The Dice You Play Like the Roulette. Special for Christmas

Christmas Edition | 7-in-1 Dice | All Metal Body | For RPG, Table Top and all your everyday decisions.

  • Our revolutionary roulette dice are made of 100% zinc alloy which makes them extremely robust and they feature incredible surface details. The machine-tooled interior mechanism delivers a fair result with every spin that produces a truly random result every time.

Roulette dice are also designed according to the basic logic of polyhedral dice: The sum of two opposite numbers is the maximum number of the dice +1. For example, in dice D20, the sum of the number 20 and the symmetric 1 is 21, the adjacent 8 is symmetric 13, and so on.

Roulette Dice are designed in a pocket-size for you to bring everywhere.

  • The exquisite detailing and vibrant colors make these dice not only a crucial gaming tool but also a collector's dream.

  • Roulette dice comes with a Christmas-themed metal protective case that has been specially designed for portability and protection.


  1. Spin the internal disc and place it horizontally, waiting for it to naturally come to a stop, then read the number.

  2. Hold it in your hand, stop it by pressing at any angle with your finger, and read the number.


  • Material: Zinc alloy 

  • Color: Red&Blue&Silver, Green&Blue&Silver

  • Weight: 120 g 


  • 1 * Christmas 7-in-1 Dice

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